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Empower, Engage, Excel: Transforming New Hire Experiences with Employee On-boarding 365

Employee onboarding

Now Employee Onboarding 365 App is Available on Microsoft Teams

Automated Task Management

Employee Onboarding 365 revolutionizes the onboarding process with its automated task management system. It eliminates the manual burden on HR teams by automating routine tasks like document submission reminders, schedule coordination, and progress tracking. This automation not only ensures accuracy and efficiency but also allows HR personnel to focus on more strategic aspects of onboarding, providing a more human touch where it’s most needed.

Interactive Checklists

Interactive checklists are a key feature, guiding new hires through every necessary step in their onboarding journey. These checklists are intuitive and user-friendly, breaking down complex processes into manageable tasks. This ensures a thorough and organized approach to onboarding, with clear guidance on everything from completing forms to engaging in initial training sessions.

Compliance and Document Management

This feature simplifies the collection, management, and storage of important documents. It ensures that all legal and organizational compliance requirements are met with ease. The system securely handles sensitive information like contracts, policies, and personal documents, providing both HR teams and new hires with peace of mind regarding data security and compliance.


Customizable Workflows

The platform provides the flexibility to customize onboarding workflows according to specific job roles, departments, or geographic locations. This customization ensures that each new hire receives relevant information and tasks pertinent to their specific role and work context, making the onboarding process more effective and meaningful.

Analytics and Reporting

A robust analytics and reporting feature provides deep insights into the effectiveness of the onboarding process. This includes detailed metrics on new hire progress, time-to-productivity, and satisfaction levels. These analytics help HR teams to continuously refine and improve their onboarding strategies, ensuring the best possible start for every new employee.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

The platform prioritizes the security of new hire’s data. It helps in maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations by providing secure access controls, audit trails, and data encryption. Employee on-boarding 365 keeps all the data within your Office 365 tenant and none of employee’s information goes outside your Office 365.

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